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Frequently Asked Questions

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۱- How can I trust De Paul site?

The e-commerce development center of the Ministry of Commerce has created the electronic trust symbol to authenticate internet businesses and legalize them so that having an electronic trust symbol is mandatory for all electronic stores.

۲- How to buy from the site?

After choosing the desired products, you go to the shopping cart section and after completing your details and receiving the password, you enter the secure payment page. After paying and completing the purchase, an SMS will be sent to you containing information on the completion of the purchase. After that, if you have placed your order before 14:00, your products will be sent on the same day, otherwise, they will be sent on the next working day.

۳- What is the payment method?

The Deh Paul site has provided the possibility of online shopping with the benefit of a secure payment gateway. Respected projects and builders can receive special conditions in order to benefit from the project discount, after receiving the proforma invoice, by contacting the collection.

۴- How to send the products?

در هنگام تکمیل فرم خرید شما میتوانید نحوه دریافت کالا را انتخاب نمایید. For Tehrani citizens, it is possible to send by motor courier. For cities, sending is done by tipax or Pishtaz post.

After the package is sent, the postal information will be sent to you.

۵- Is it possible to deliver the purchased product in person?

yes After completing the purchase, contact the sales department and ask for in-person delivery.

۶- How many days will the orders reach us?

In Tehran, if the order is placed during office hours, up to 2 hours and in the cities 1-7 days (depending on the conditions of choosing the shipping method)

۷- What is the shipping cost?

The cost of sending in all cases is in the form of cash on delivery.

۸- What is the product warranty?

All Asfora products have 18 months warranty.

۹- Is it possible to buy in person?

For projects, after contacting the site and registering the project, it is possible to purchase in person and benefit from project discounts.

۱۰- For projects, after contacting the site and registering the project, it is possible to purchase in person and benefit from project discounts.

We are at the service of all our loved ones continuously during office hours. Outside office hours, we will respond to our dear customers online in virtual networks with the lines available on the site.

۱۱- If the product is not available, how to order it?

If you need a product that is not available in the list of the site, you can order that product by calling the collection and after registering your project, without any prepayment fee. The approximate delivery time is about 10 working days.

۱۲- Is it possible to return the product and get a refund?

Yes, for products that are not ordered, if they have not been removed from the packaging, it is possible to withdraw and return the money.

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